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So what’s in a name?

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

 For me this term sits comfortably with my graphic art. It embodies the simplicity of an initial thumbnail sketch. Conveys a cartoonish whimsy which suits my sense of humour, while pandering to the opportunity to be a bit wacky. Most importantly, it can be serious, ridiculous, fictional, or truthful. All that’s needed is a humble pencil.

It’s readily understood that a doodle is primarily an involvement with creativity. At the same time a doodle can be an idle preamble of nothing in particular. Now that’s an interesting place to be. A doodle has its own time zone. The moment this zone has the semblance of progression into any meaningful image, these tiny forms hold a vital promise of something else. For me it becomes the epitome of visual energy of vast potential. Simple. Informative. Malleable. Refreshingly alive. The hopes and dreams of countless schemes has arrived with a passion that far outgrows its embryonic clothing.  This is the honesty and fascination of visual communication, it dignifies that word called art, while underlining a basic truth. We are human, therefore we speak. We have another tongue. Even in its most basic state a child and grandfather can laugh at it together. A tiny doodle becomes a language all it’s very own for everyone.  

At the very core of a doodle is an immense freeness of expression. Its potential is initially neither right or wrong. I love the comfort of a doodle. It reminds me I’m still in the process of creativity, while at the same time, nowhere in particular. Here’s the essential essence of doodling, this fraction of time is unique, precious to the process of all artwork. Reason, it’s immediately influenced by the next doodled mark. A fundamental challenge of being a visual artist is to keep this purity of form.

Beware overworking this worthy servant, a vital spark will loose its reason for existence. If you found all this a bit heavy going, I’m not in the least bit surprised. The written word is simply not a doodle. Simple as that?......well a resounding, yes and!  After almost 60 years within the visual arts there are inevitably those who will contend my words. So be it. These are my doodleloonz, do your own doodleloonz.

Permit me to quote Edgar Degas, ‘’Painting is easy when you don’t know how, very difficult when you do.

I still think its a great name. Welcome to doodleloonz.

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