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ELP Artist

In the early 70s while working for C.C.S. Associates, a leading design group in London’s West End, William produced artwork for Emerson, Lake & Palmer, producing cover designs for the two million selling albums ‘Tarkus’ and ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’.

The relationship has continued over the years and more recently, he painted ‘Moonlit Dunes' for Keith Emerson’s Three Fates album. His Pictures at an Exhibition painting 'The Old Castle' is featured on Carl Palmers album,  Working Live Vol 3.

Reader Offer


A signed ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’ album by the artist William Neal.
Ever wondered what that blank picture frame is for? William will sign your album in the frame or anywhere on the album if preferred.
The cost is £70 for the album and signature. Postage and packaging to be added according to where you live.

William says,

‘It turns out that I have 3 pressings of a genuine 1971 album. These are difficult to find in good condition. All the vinyl pressings are excellent, the albums are in pretty good condition too for being over 50 years old. I could date them as well, but I have just signed one (as above) as an example. I do have more albums but not 1971 pressings. These would cost £50 plus postage and packaging.

Head over to the Shop to secure these opportunities.

New Product!

Pictures at an Exhibition. Poster available now in the Shop

Blank canvases,… I owe so much to them.

Whats more, their significance became apparent forever when ELP unanimously acclaimed the idea as the perfect image for their 1971 album cover, Pictures at an exhibition. This album opened the door for me to leave the world of commercial art. Now, after over 100 exhibitions within the fine arts later, the arrival of digital art has allowed me to compile a composition that simply, puts the cover back on the easel as a statement of historical fact. The pile of blank canvases symbolising past and future. No more, no less. However, the very fact that I’ve chosen to view the composition from above is fundamentally important. We are literally ‘looking down’ on digital art. 
Why? …The fact remains that despite digital art has much to offer the fine arts. The fine arts remains slow, even reluctant in some circles to acknowledge this media as relevant. Hence my visual prompting of pervasive notions that may still look down on this art form. Keith experienced similar views with synthesisers, many still feel uncomfortable with mixing rock and classics. Yes, I’m old school, the flame still burns.
ngelo would have got a lot more done if he’d used a spray gun!  To be continued...etc…etc…….etc

PAAE Blank Canvases 1971-2023.jpg
Tarkus Card Image 500.jpg

New Product!

Tarkus Cards

Available as a pack of 5 cards at £20 including p&p in the UK.

Cards are blank inside for your message and supplied with envelope.

For other quantities or international enquiries, please contact the studio.

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