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Welcome to doodleloonz 

Whats doodleloonz all about.....why the Flower Power van? In short, I love the name. I also lay claim to being a possible originator of this name. Whatever the case, here’s the story. Most folk doodle at some point in their lives. If they don’t, they should. Creative folk doodle lots, it’s what they do. As an ageing visual artist it remains as hard wired as ever. I recall a dear friend who came to an exhibition of mine in Chiswick back in 1972.  He enquired why some of the artwork was entitled doodleloonz. I can’t remember my reply, though I do remember him repeating, “That’s a great name.‘’ Since then, countless folk have also exclaimed, ‘’That’s a great name’’.  Of note, it’s often uttered with a certain wistfulness, as though hearing for the first time an uplifting pleasant experience.  Fast forward to 2016 while searching a unique domain name for this website. Behold, doodleloonz wasn’t even a choice, it was available. No such name had ever been used. I muse with delight at all the millions of names out there online. Amazingly it took over 40 years for this longtime old friend to finally come home. Having instantly laid claim to it, plus seeing it boldly heading my home page, I remain delighted to say once again...’’ it’s a great name!’’

The doodleloonz diary

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