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This new publication brings together the story so far, together with over 30 pages of colour reproductions, and including a special limited edition fine art print.

The book is a high quality hardback with dust jacket, containing 36 full page reproductions of paintings, with over 20 smaller plates and supporting photographs. This 68 page history of the artist's work is the first to cover pre-art school, art school in the 1960s, album cover artwork in the 1970s, his work with Stefan Knapp during the 1980s and 30 years of painting in Dumfries and Galloway up to the present day.

From the Introduction to the book ...
“Isn’t it time you had a retrospective exhibition?” a gallery owner asked.  The thought filled me with horror – to date, I’ve had over fifty exhibitions.  “You’ve been painting in Scotland now for over thirty years; your work has undergone many changes – people would find that interesting,” he went on.  I still decided against a retrospective – but he got me thinking.  I was encouraged to put it into book form; there is, in fact, a ‘retrospective exhibition’ feel about the book, and I felt it would make sense to mention my early years and give a glimpse of art school in the 1960s, record cover design in the 1970s and to talk about the insight given to me by my friend and mentor, the late Polish artist Stefan Knapp, during the 1980s.

The book also includes a limited edition giclee print, signed by the artist.  These prints, produced in editions of 100 are exclusive to the book.  The current print is 'Moonlit Sands'

William is happy to sign your copy if you would like this. If so, email him directly and ask for this to be done.

WATCHING PAINT DRY: 50 Years of Painting and the Galloway Landscape

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