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Where have all the flowers gone,...?

1966 is indeed a long time passing! It’s sad to recall millions of us world wide really believed ‘ Peace & Love ‘ would actually make a difference to a world still crawling it’s way out of the Second World War. For my part, the very act of painting my van was a symbol of the 60s air, along with as many Boutiques or walls transformed under my brush or rattle can.  So,....why link doodleloonz with my flower power van? Easy, it was painted while still studying at the Guildford School of Art in my teens. Most stuff was really getting started in 1966. Let’s face it, the mid 60s remains a pretty significant introductory time for any piece of supporting copy on a website.  Just as the flower van is an unmistakable retro statement. It has a sincerity with accompanying belief and professional process. So too is the core make up of doodleloonz. The thinking and artwork is similar. I loved the audacity of the vans statement back then, trundling along the A3 to the sound of ‘ All you need is love ‘  Here was a rolling visual testament smack in your face. Close up and personal in any traffic jam. It conveyed more than a healthy nod towards design. It was a blatant visual communication!  It’s hard to describe just how different this van was amid all the drab offerings on the road back then. I lost count of the times I was stopped by the police. It had huge helpings of ‘’ who’s being a careful driver’’ every time I went out, it’s instantly retro. The very existence of these doodled artworks for me scream retro. They convey a similar blatant air of functionality. The van is immediately retro. So too, are these artworks. My entire working process even by digital standards, is well out of date. The approach is far from ‘smart’ its make up is entirely old school. By this I instantly relate to my work during the 70s as an album cover artist. Back then we had no computer generated digital technology. Here’s the thing. If I had produced the images on this website back then, would some of them be considered worthy of mention today?...? Retro is inevitable, therein lays an important human touch. The process for those who remember ‘Cow gum, steel rulers and CS 10 art board may weep with me when the next description of ‘’The Process” is installed. There’s not many of us left to tell the tale. Better hurry up then!

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My first car was a Green A35 Van, I had so much fun in my youth, I remember going to my local pub the Red Hart in Bucklersbury, Hitchin and meeting with some friends, someone had heard there was party happening in Codicote, so about 12 people piled into my van, and I drove the 8 or so miles to the party, the look on the other people's faces when a seemingly endless amount of bodies fell out of the back door when opened, great times in the early 1970's

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