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Exhibition and Collections


Over 100 exhibitions include:

Pictures at an Exhibition, Hammersmith Town Hall 1971

Devonshire Studio, Chiswick 1972

University of Surrey, Guildford 1973

Chaucer Studio, Guildford 1973

Aquarius Gallery, Farncombe 1973

Spectrum Gallery,  Dorking 1975

Art & Antiques Fair Guildford Civic Hall, 1975

University of Surrey, ‘Conversation Pieces’  1975

The Duffield Gallery, Shalford 1976

The Shielings Gallery   Wonersh, 1976

Telford Gallery, Godalming 1980
The South Eastern Arts Tour 1980

The Lion & Lamb Gallery, Farnham 1981

Holsworthy Print Gallery,  Holsworthy Devon  1981

Mike Reed Mounts. Godalming 1981

Keens Gallery, Surbiton 1982

Guildford Galleries, Guildford 1982

Jim Park Audio. Godalming 1982

The Man in the Moon, London 1983

Ottersburn Gallery, Dumfries 1983

Holsworthy Gallery, London 1983

Forest Gallery, Guildford  1983

Aquarius Gallery,  Farncombe  1983

Ottersburn Gallery, Dumfries 1984

Chalk Farm Gallery, London 1984

Chenil Gallery, London 1984

Clarges Gallery, London 1984

Harbour Gallery  Kirkcudbright, 1984

The Reid Gallery, Guildford 1985

Interscot Promotions  Gatehouse of Fleet, 1985

The Frame Centre, Gatehouse of Fleet  1985-88

Malcolm Innes Gallery, Edinburgh 1986

Guildford Galleries. Guildford 1986 

Ottersburn Gallery, Dumfries 1987

The Reed Gallery, Milford   1987

William Neal Gallery, Kirkcudbright 1987-1990

Bryden Gallery, Moffat 1991

Godalming Galleries, Godalming  1991

Mint Street Gallery, Godalming 1992

Country Pictures, Bramley, 1992
The Attic Gallery Newton Stewart 1993

Showcase Gallery, Bramley 1995

Forth Art Gallery, Edinburgh 1995

The Old Bank Gallery, Wigtown 1998

Holroyd Gallery, Glasgow 1998

Framework Gallery, Troon 1998

Keens Gallery  Surbiton  1999

The Library Art Gallery, Newton Stewart 1999

Castle Douglas Art Gallery, Castle Douglas 1999

Waterloo Gallery, Stranraer  1999

The Glasgow Arts Fair, Glasgow 2000

Castle Douglas Art Gallery, Castle Douglas 2000

Waverley Gallery, Prestwick 2000

Castle Douglas Art Gallery, Castle Douglas 2001

Waverley Gallery, Prestwick 2001

Maxwellton Gallery, Dumfries 2001

Gallery 2000, Chester  2001

Ottersburn Gallery, Dumfries  2001

The Miegle Gallery, Blairgowrie 2002

St Andrews Fine Art, St Andrews 2002

Forth Art Gallery, Edinburgh, 2002

Tolquhon Gallery, Ellon, 2002

Newton Stewart Library Gallery, NewtonStewart  2002

Waterloo Gallery, Stranraer 2003

The Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Art 2003

Creetown Art/Craft Gallery, Creetown  2003

Exhibitor at The Glasgow Art Fair 2001-2004

Spring Fling Open Studio, Dumfries and Galloway 2004

Tolquhon Gallery, Ellon, Aberdeenshire 2004

The Solo Gallery, Dundas Street, Edinburgh 2004

The Newton Stewart Library Gallery 2004

The Rockcliffe Gallery, Kirkcudbright, 2004

St Andrews Fine Art, Fife, 2004

The Dome, Edinburgh   2004

Just Paintings, Meopham 2005

Rockcliffe Gallery, Rockcliffe  2005

Spring Fling, Open Studios 2004 -2006

The Glasgow Art Fair 2001 - 2006

The Gracefield Art Centre,  Dumfries 2007

The Framing Gallery, High Wycombe  2007

The Henley Art Centre,  Henley 2008

The Ryan Centre, Stranraer 2008

The Laurel Gallery, Edinburgh  2008

The Picture Shop, Wigtown  2008

The Laurel Gallery,  Edinburgh 2009

The Mill on the Fleet, Gatehouse of Fleet 2009

The Tolquhon Gallery, Ellon, Aberdeenshire 2009

Macdonald Fine Art, Kirkcudbright  2009

Ryan Centre Green Room, Stranraer 2009

Art Corner Gallery  Langholm, 2010

Art Corner Gallery, Langholm  2012

Tolbooth Gallery, Kirkcudbright 2013

Edinburgh Festival 2013

Scottish Art Scene (featured artist on line)  2013

Mill on the Fleet, Gatehouse of Fleet 2014

Stranraer Library Gallery 2014

Whitehouse Gallery, Kirkcudbright 2015

Ninian Gallery, Whithorn 2015

Stranraer Library Gallery 2015

Beyond the Lines Gallery, Kirkcudbright 2016 

Ross Gallery, Stranraer  2016

The Catstrand Art Centre, New Galloway  2016
Gracefield Art Centre, Dumfries 2017

Borgue Hotel,  Borgue  2017

Harbour Cottage Gallery  (The Borgue Collective) Kirkcudbright  2018
Castle Douglas Gallery (The Borgue Collective) 2018

The Borgue Collective  Harbour Cottage Gallery Kirkcudbright 2020 
The Bothy Gallery  Glenap Castle 2021



Selected Commissions and Awards


Two Million selling album covers for Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Gold Disc Award “Tarkus” and “Pictures At An Exhibition”

“Red House” commission by Marietta Parfitt for Sir Cliff Richard.

“Temporary Beauty” commission for Leo Sayer.

“Another Grey Area” commission for Graham Parker and the Rumour.

“Party” Book Cover for Author Don Telford.

7 Paintings published from 1981 by the Holsworthy Gallery, London.

2 Limited editions published in 1983 by ‘Take a Pebble’.

1 850 ltd edition “Dusk” published by Charles Phillips Fine Art, 1985

4 Limited editions published in 1990 by Ottersburn Fine Art.

4 Conversation Pieces for Victor Gauntlett, Aston Martin / Lagonda.

“Art Now” Purchase Prize 1999

Bladnoch Distillery, Limited edition “The Barley Field’’ 2002

Glimpses of Galloway Calendar - 2001, 2002, 2003 & 2004.

Marginal Movements, Gracefield Arts Centre, Dumfries, 2007

Album cover painting “Moonlit Dunes”  for Keith Emerson’s “Three Fates” 2012

Cover painting “One in Vermillion” for “The Dumfries & Galloway Fine Art Soceity”  Autumn magazine 2014
A watercolour painting Moonlit Dunes for the late Keith Emerson 1944-2016



Permanent Collections


The Mazikewich Progressive Rock Museum, Vestal, New York U.S.A.
BBC Your Paintings

The Dumfries and Galloway Educational Trust, Gracefield Art Centre

The Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary

The Bank of Scotland - Kirkcudbright

University of Surrey - Guildford

The Bruce Hotel - Newton Stewart

The Ryan Centre Green Room Stranraer

The Ken Bridge Hotel New Galloway

The Swan  Kingholm Quays  Dumfries.

CatStrand Public Collection

The Borgue Hotel




Wills art gave Emerson Lake and Palmer it’s substance: a visual substance that allowed those that listened to become more involved in listening...and listen.

His new work goes beyond the original boldness of his art with us by being delicate, thoughtful and bold. There’s something magical about that. They all have a unique translucent luminous quality which William defines so well and has made his own.

Keith Emerson. 1944-2016.

( Nice / Emerson Lake & Palmer / Keith Emerson band. )

‘Great artwork'

Carl Palmer. Drummer, percussionist.

( Crazy world of Arthur Brown / Atomic Rooster / ELP / Asia.


'Every piece of album artwork he does inspires a song.’'

Phillip Goodhand-Tait. Singer / songwriter


‘He must be one of the best known unknowns’

Martyn Hanson. Rock Author.

( Hang on to a dream - Story of the Nice / Hoggin the page -Story of Tony McPhee & The Ground Hogs / Playing the band - The musical life of Jon Hiseman


‘He’s embracing the 21st century by pushing back the boundaries of digital art.’

Jason Woodford CEO

Crosswood Productions ( Passport to the imagination )

Canada / Crosswood Productions

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Poster Gallery

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